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yugi u stone cold motherfucker

Joelle, this is for you.

Hee hee

I’ve done it.  Animu wall is complete.

(heheh, there are like, four dudes on it.  It is a shrine to all of the bamf-y ladies)

May have just bought a wig for my next cosplay foray.  I’ve never tried anything like this before, so we’ll see how it goes x.x


i havent uploaded doodles in a while mainly because busy and lazy, but heres some street fighter doodles ive been doing over the past week

Sakuracon - such a blast!  dies

Sakuracon 2014: set 3

Sakuracon 2014 Street Fighter Photoshoot part 3

Sakuracon 2014 Street Fighter photoshoot part 2

Sakuracon 2014:  Street Fighter Photoshoot Part 1

The best part was, Cammy and I were gonna go meet Chun Li who had found a Ryu, and ran into Akuma on the way, and the photoshoot just kinda kept growing.  These guys were awesome!  Akuma kept choreographing sweet moves for everyone.  GAH!

Best part of con by far!!  10/10  Would repeat

Sakuracon: set 2